People-Powered Transformation™

Why work at LiiRN

LiiRN is a people-driven, change management platform that helps turn complex strategic goals into bite-sized, achievable actions. Basically, we tap into a company’s awesome sauce, their people, and put it on everything.

That means we leverage insider wisdom whether C-suite or on the frontlines and put it to work keeping everyone across an entire enterprise focused on where change matters most. We’re like invisible business transformation guardrails that allow organizations of any size to make moves quickly from the bottom up.

Now we’re growing and searching for a few amazing people to join us on our journey to change change. While we’re fans of the rare and exceptional we’re not a startup looking for rockstars or unicorns, those belong on a stage or in an enchanted forest.

At LiiRN we’re looking for captains, people that can steer the ship, but also take direction and work well with others. We’re trying to add to our lean crew of killers that not only complement each other but also have a perfect balance of proficiency and personality. As a small NYC based team, that intends to stay that way, we need folks that mesh well and can help us all be better together.

Oh, and we may be a startup, but we’re flush and focused on success in the long AND short term, i.e. we’re fully funded and already working with Fortune 500 companies. That means steady paychecks and proper compensation and benefits, all with no BS and the added bonus of some well-known names to put on your resume so there’s no padding needed.