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Our Story

Our Story

Gives You A Little Peek Under The Hood

Change that matters, where it matters most

LiiRN was created in the spirit of continual improvement, minus the idea of great sacrifice. With LiiRN, you get full transparency and we bring everyone along for the ride, not just the C-Suite and management. We do this using contextual learning driven by our business transformation machine learning. This allows group decision-making without the problem of too many chefs in the kitchen. That means everyone at your company can move forward together towards the grand goal of completely crushing it.

The Vision

20 years in management consulting didn’t quite drive our founder, George Swisher insane, but it did drive him to this opportunity. After working with large organizations that needed to make major changes, but kept getting stuck he saw an opportunity for organizational transformation without all the time and trouble. Now, with LiiRN there’s an easy to use tool that doesn’t bust budgets and creates change that provides companies measurable impact and the competitive edge they need to be their best and conquer the competition.


Creating Change Through Learning

LiiRN harnesses contextual learning to create change that doesn’t just look good on paper, but actually works. With contextual learning, learning happens when information is presented in a way where students can create meaning from their own experiences. This idea is the foundation for the entire LiiRN experience and the engine that empowers you and your employees to be change agents.


We foster open communication, without fear. Important questions need to be asked and people need to know their answers won’t end up trending on Reddit.


Without “us” there’s no “trust”. While that’s also true for “abuse”, we’ll never do that to our relationship as honesty and security creates the comfort that lets change happen.


We’re like a Brita filter for your business decisions. No matter what you put in, LiiRN helps make company decisions clear.


We’ve got your back for your entire journey with LiiRN. We’ll be there for you when needed, not just when invoices are due.


We check out your business challenges and help you move past them, pulling you back from the existential void so you can move forward in life and business.


We make real magic happen, no tricks and nothing hidden up our sleeves. We trade in transparency and trustworthiness and it’s the foundation for everything we do.

Human Contact

We believe there are no stupid questions. Let us know if you want to chat. It’s free, like hugs or bread at fancy restaurants.

Hall of Champions

We’re lucky to work with great companies as they become more awesome.