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Helping Enterprises

Accelerate Business Transformation

Transformation Today

Large companies struggle to engage all levels of the enterprise in important business transformation initiatives & fall short in creating the change management needed to implement those initiatives quickly.


Co-create data-driven strategies with clients and measure behavioural change of existing change programs.
Want to rigorously measure impact & progress?

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Align motivations from C-Suite to Associate so everyone feels involved in company-wide change.
Want to create a culture of change from the bottom up?

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The Future is Automation

LiiRN’s AI-based software automates change management & measures behavior change to better align the entire enterprise towards achieving business transformation initiatives faster.

Initiatives We’ve Accelerated

  • Brand Transformation
  • Change Management
  • Cultural Transformation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Financial Transformation
  • Future of Work
  • Market Growth

Measurable Progress & Impact

Easily Track Change Awareness, Participation & Motivations

  • Measure progress of behavior change related to transformation objectives & goals
  • Just-in-time feedback
  • Measurement of key change processes & employee actions
  • Improve productivity & reduce costs


A short summary of some of the bells and whistles that help make us the best choice for your business.

Security & Compliance

With industry leading data protection and security measures such as GDPR, ISO, and SSAE 16 practicing standards, you can rest well knowing that security, privacy, and data are at the core of our product and our business.

LiiRN From Anywhere

Look up, we’re in the cloud! That means you can access our product from anywhere, at anytime, as long as you have an internet connection and a device that can access the internet.


Bring your internal resources, systems and content into our system, so you get a seamless flow between them and our product. This means everything under one roof and multi-layered data that provides comprehensive reporting bringing productivity and efficiency with information systems.


Our system helps you drive performance across teams and the entire organization with better benchmarks based on data that’s actually relevant to your industry, employee type, level, location, etc.

Machine Learning

Our machine-learning algorithm makes the connection between employee motivation and business impact, to quickly drive change. It analyzes employee comments to continuously and intelligently improve and distribute questions, so assessments provide real insight.

Text & Sentiment Analysis

Get powerful insights into employee answers with our text analysis, that delivers useful keywords, while protecting user integrity and anonymity. Discover useful information, filter and analyze sentiment and identify key words and phrases across your organization.

Advanced User Management

With advanced user management you can assign different levels of access to different users, so no one has to see any more or less than needed. This allows you to offer access by team, office, etc., providing scale, security and segmentation.

SSO SAML 2.0 / Auth 0

We offer single sign-on, allowing employees to log in using their existing company credentials. We also integrate with any system that acts as a SAML 2.0 identity provider automating and simplifying login.

Hall of Champions

We’re lucky to work with great companies as they become more awesome.