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Wait, whaaat; it's already Spring??? Sure hope everyone is on track with those goals...

People-Powered Transformation™

LiiRN's platform helps keep everyone across the entire enterprise stay focused where change matters most. It's like having invisible business transformation guardrails to engage employees and make moves quickly from the bottom up.

Hall of Champions.

We’re lucky to work with great companies as they become more awesome.






Ground Floor

Simple registration. Easy peasy on-boarding.

We’ll open up a line of communication, stay side-by-side in the trenches with you as we conquer transformation together. No matter the size of your company, we’re with you from day one to Fortune 500.

Quarterly Check-Ups

Anonymous feedback turned into a unanimous applause.

Turn honest and interpreted feedback into x-ray vision. Remove blind spots from the lifers to new ambassadors saluting the company flag. No rubber gloves necessary to expose company goals, participation and great ideas.

Engaged Employees

Stop talking about it, start voting about it.

In under 30 days, you'll have installed a two-way mirror that gets teams to become change agents with tangible benefits instead of being your classic 9-5'r. No more feeling like the suggestion box is just, well, a box. It’s pretty legit, if we don’t say so ourselves.

ROI & Recommendations

Turn raw data into a playbook and Real-Obvious-Impact.

Facing the facts is easy when you know exactly what everyone thinks and who on your squad is down to help pitch in. Fueling change for the organization, yourself and possibly the annual holiday party will never be easier. Improving engagement, productivity and growth is just what we do.

No one really likes change; well unless they're working with people like us :) We believe continuous learning is the way to transform.

$5USD/ user per month

  • Put your company’s DNA under a microscope.

  • Unite your troops under one banner. Whoa.

  • Customer support 24/8. Yeah, we said eight.

  • That's it, no hoops. Isn't simple pricing, well, simple?

Customizations & Integrations Are Fun.

We all want things to be easier when it comes to making our tool work with your other tools. After we connect the dots between your blind spots, processes and tools you already have in place, we’ll reveal results you’ve yet to imagine.

Human Contact.

We believe there are no stupid questions. Let us know if you want to chat. It’s free, like hugs or bread at fancy restaurants.

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Do you know a company, a friend or high-powered exec who could use a little LiiRN?