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LiiRN automates change management, enabling enterprises to align everyone on strategic initiatives to accelerate transformation. Our platform builds awareness and aligns decision-making with company-wide input to create a culture of change, from the bottom up.

LiiRN’s algorithm aligns motivations from C-Suite to associate so everyone feels involved in company-wide decisions and strategy.

Say hello to high fives and group hugs when your teams see they’re valued and effective together.


Make major moves that drive your 100,000ft strategic agenda in real-time because business needs are always evolving.


Get all your people on the same page with a simple, cross-functional team playbook that advances departmental and company goals in tandem.


Empower your experience, amplify your voice, and make a real impact together. Get the visibility and transparency you need to create your own space for success.

Our AI driven platform simplifies implementing change throughout your entire enterprise.

Connecting cultural transformation to business impact, we bring a continuous, simultaneous process of visibility, awareness, and action. You’ll be able to see where everyone’s most motivated, and where there are disconnects, to get change moving fast. Move forward with the speed of a hare and the tenacity of a tortoise.

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